Srinagar – The Land of Char Chinar


Bitter can be sweet and sweet poison. It’s a question of what your tongue wants. It’s hard work to tell what it wants, but keep going: The city you’re dreaming of, it’s at the end of this road. – Lal Ded Srinagar in Kashmir, home to Lal Ded, can be ethereal, gloomy, disheartening and uncertain, but […]

Lansdowne – Familiar Lanes


Uncertainty and lack of opportunities are familiar talks in small, unblemished towns tucked in the hills. But, isn’t the mall culture, corporate salaries, and the comfortable lifestyle too big a price for a lazy day under the sun. Ask anyone who has grown up in the mountains – what is the one thing they miss the […]

Themis MudHouse – An Ideal Weekend Getaways | Resorts near Delhi


Travel – the origin of the word lost in history, some articles trace it to travail – Old French for “work, labor, toil, suffering or painful effort”. Anthony Bourdain famously said  “Travel isn’t always pretty. It isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes it hurts, it even breaks your heart. But that’s okay. The journey changes you; it should change […]

Phobjikha Valley – Part III


This has been quite a long series, like the days I spent in the Bhutan valley. I’ll wrap up the Phobjikha valley pictures in this last post. The valley is so beautiful, that I can’t stop from sharing all the pictures of the stunning valley.  The women in this picture were ramming the mud while […]

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