Dochula Pass – Bhutan


On a very pleasantly cold morning in the month of May we left from Thimpu to Punakha, we stopped over at Dochula pass for a few hours. A very popular stopover for tourists, Dochula is a high mountain pass at 10,000 ft. The pass is cold, windy and brings in a sense of tranquility. The Dochula […]

Bhutan – Thimpu


Bhutan – The land of the Dragon. Starting the Bhutan series from Thimpu. Traveling to Bhutan was a very impromptu plan. The heart, as usual, was longing for clear sunlight and deepest blue morning clouds and, one call from a close friend who shares the same love for mountains was enough to hit the road […]

Love for Indigo

Indigo | Neela | नील Indigo color is the first known natural dye to humans, it is derived from the plant Indigofera tinctoria. The leaves of Indigofera are harvested and allowed to ferment in water in large vessels or tanks. A day or two after complete fermentation the liquid is drained from the vessels leaving the plant material/leaves behind. […]

Surajkund Mela


Surajkund – Lake of the Sun  I have been living the Delhi for the last 3 years and have experienced a major share of the “Dil walon ki Delhi” life. And, yet in all these years I only heard and planned and procrastinated to visit the Surajkund Crafts Mela. However, this year around I promised […]

A family trip to Nashik


The hectic work schedules often don’t leave the five of us with too much of family time. If you have been following my blog, you must have noticed in my previous posts that mountains are my landscape of choice (you can read about them here). My parents prefer skipping the harsh winter months of the […]

Almora – Tamta Copperware Craft


Almora – The place where my ancestors trace their origin too. I have spent a good part of my growing up years at my grandmother’s place in Dehradun. Throughout those years we witnessed ‘Ija’ living the minimalist life, always relying on her kitchen garden for all solutions. She followed a very disciplined life, waking up […]

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