My Traveling Jacket


Many of you who read my blog or follow me on Instagram here and here must have noticed a green hooded jacket that I frequently travel in. It has been my “sisterhood of traveling pants” without the sharing part. There are so many memories attached to this materialistic happiness of mine.  I don’t remember for sure but […]

Travel to Gangtey Valley in Bhutan


Punakha, Thimpu, and Paro are the most visited places in Bhutan, they make up for the maximum tourists in Bhutan. Having spent a few days in Thimpu and Punakha, it was time we explore the countryside of the druk land and I personally prefer traveling to the more remote places that are not thronged by holidaymakers. […]

Punakha in Bhutan


Moving through Bhutan, I realized the further we trudged and delved deeper into Bhutan, the more it lived up to its status of being a mythic and mystical land, untouched by modernity. Punakha was no different and it was beyond beautiful as what was expected.  Punakha houses the most beautiful dzong in Bhutan. It is […]

Dochula Pass – Bhutan


On a very pleasantly cold morning in the month of May we left from Thimpu to Punakha, we stopped over at Dochula pass for a few hours. A very popular stopover for tourists, Dochula is a high mountain pass at 10,000 ft. The pass is cold, windy and brings in a sense of tranquility. The Dochula […]

Bhutan – Thimpu


Bhutan – The land of the Dragon. Starting the Bhutan series from Thimpu. Traveling to Bhutan was a very impromptu plan. The heart, as usual, was longing for clear sunlight and deepest blue morning clouds and, one call from a close friend who shares the same love for mountains was enough to hit the road […]

Surajkund Mela


Surajkund – Lake of the Sun  I have been living the Delhi for the last 3 years and have experienced a major share of the “Dil walon ki Delhi” life. And, yet in all these years I only heard and planned and procrastinated to visit the Surajkund Crafts Mela. However, this year around I promised […]

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