Almora – Tamta Copperware Craft


Almora – The place where my ancestors trace their origin too. I have spent a good part of my growing up years at my grandmother’s place in Dehradun. Throughout those years we witnessed ‘Ija’ living the minimalist life, always relying on her kitchen garden for all solutions. She followed a very disciplined life, waking up […]

Narnia – Sangla Valley in Himachal Pradesh


Narnia in Sangla Valley In September, Sangla Valley was in its full bloom (here); bathing in lush greens, ochre and blue. The Valley now is bejeweled in crystal white, trees have frozen, giving the valley a Narnia like impression and tempting you to never leave.  Hot chocolates, soft pillows, fuzzy shawls, balmy sun, cozy spots […]

Lahaul & Spiti


Lahaul & Spiti It was September. Alex Turner ‘s haunting falsetto “That the nights were mainly made for saying. Things that you can’t say tomorrow day” was playing in a loop. We were almost at the end of our journey, circling through the snaky desert landscape, heading towards our last pit stop in the unforgiving, sublime […]

Chandrataal – Moon Lake


Chandrataal – Altitude – 4290 meters.  Chandrataal derives its name from “Chandra” because of its moon-like shape. It is a high altitude lake located in the Lahaul-Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. How to reach Chandrataal – Either from Kaza-Kunzum Pass route or from Rohtang-Battal route. I would strongly advise to take the Kaza-Kunzum way as you […]

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