Skin Care – Speaking Herbs Oils Review


How about we go back to basics, back to the times of simple things, to the times of pure, wholesome and unadulterated food, air and even skin care.

For the past few years, I have been a quite an admirer of face oils. I have been using Kiehl’s and Kama’s face oils ever since I switched to face oils. Recently I got introduced to Oils by Speaking herbs, oils that have been cold-pressed. It is good to see homegrown brands tapping into the traditional skin care treasure depository and coming up with products of superior quality.

Cold-pressed oils are the rawest, undiluted oils with all their benefits in the most potent form. Speaking Herbs has come up with four of them; Jojoba oil, Moringa Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Black seed oil. 


From the skin care kit of Speaking Herbs, the oil that I love the most is Jojoba Oil, even though I have oily skin, somehow Delhi’s Swissbreeze air manages to give me dry patches on the forehead. Jojoba oil does an impressive job of moisturizing and nourishing my skin, I have been using it daily in mornings, it gets absorbed instantly. The oil doesn’t feel oily or sticky and I don’t even feel the need to use a setting powder. You can also mix it with your daily moisturizer to give your skin a dewier finish (which can be done with any face oil)


The second oil that I routinely use before going to bed is the Sweet Almond oil, I usually wash my face using Fuller’s earth which can be quite drying, but it helps me get rid of the whiteheads. Immediately after that, I have been using the sweet almond oil on my moist skin. I don’t know what wonders it does to my skin, but I wake up with a much more fresh skin than mind and body. It works on the dry patches and makes my skin extremely supple. 


Moringa Oil has been known to be extremely beneficial for skin, a rich source of vitamin C, it is an excellent antioxidant for skin. The oil claims to clear blemishes and marks and I have always had freckles but I really don’t see them disappearing anytime soon or ever. Like Jojoba and Almond, Moringa too has no fragrance, is colorless and gets instantly absorbed into the skin, and relives my skin of dry and stretchy feeling. I haven’t used any of the oils for my hair yet, so I can’t comment on how the oils would benefit my hair. 


The last oil in the batch is the Blackseed oil. To be very honest, this is my least favorite of the Speaking Herbs oils, because of the strong smell. It smells of hydrocarbons, the smell of oil. I have a heightened sense of smell and very sensitive eyes, even if I switch my kajal, my eyes feel heavy; perhaps the reason why I haven’t used Black seed oil as frequently. Every time I have used it the smell is so overpowering that my eyes start watering. I will most likely be using this oil on my hair and will provide an update on the review of Blackseed oil as a hair oil. 

So if you are looking for safe and natural skin products that are also environmentally conscious, with no plastic policy even in the packaging; Speaking Herbs is definitely worth your money. And it’s a completely homegrown desi skincare brand that is promoting the concept of clean beauty with no toxic chemicals, artificial colors, and fragrances.

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