Kama Ayurveda’s Safe and Gentle Skin Care

Kama Ayurveda’s Skin Care

If you follow my posts regularly you must be knowing about my trip to Spiti which  I have documented in detail in my previous posts (here, here and here). I had mentioned in all the posts about the harsh environment of Spiti, how the sun there is so harsh that it will peel off the layers of epidermis from the exposed skin. Though the damage to my skin wasn’t that extensive, I did come back with a wonderful sultry tan, which I love, and patches of very dry skin. Delhi too isn’t the haven for healthy skin, so I turned to natural organic skin care from Kama Ayurveda. I love Forest essentials and Kama Ayurveda’s products. I even documented my experience of using Kama Ayurveda’s products (Kumkumadi scrub, Mridul soap-free face cleanser, Pure Rosewater, Rose Lip Balm) in one of my previous posts (here). 

I was looking for a simple morning evening routine. So I bought Eladi hydrating ayurvedic face cream and the Kumkumadi miraculous beauty fluid Ayurvedic night serum.

Here’s what I feel about the products. 

Eladi hydrating Ayurvedic face cream

Buy here

Price – Rs. 1125 for 50 gm

Kama Ayurveda's

What it consists of – Coconut milk, Sesame oil, Costus, Aloe Vera, Olive oil and essential oils from Rose and Jasmine.

What it claims – A rich, floral-scented cream that blends into skin leaving it softly mattified yet well moisturized.

How I feel – Hydrated, yes, that’s exactly how my skin feels after applying it. I usually spritz the Kama rose water before applying the cream in a generous amount. The constant exposure to air conditioning for hours has made my skin dry from the oily one that I had earlier. Hence, I am always looking to feed my skin with good moisturising.

When it comes to texture the Eladi cream is on the heavier side, it is not at all runny. It is very nourishing and gets absorbed easily and leaves behind no greasiness, especially not the shiny, oily feel which most of the heavy creams usually do. It leaves my skin quite plumped up. 

Kama Ayurveda's

It doesn’t have any SPF, and might not be very suitable for the ones with oily skin that breaks out frequently. One of testing would be to try out a sample of it for a few days before investing in it. 

I have found it be the perfection hydration that my skin needs, I don’t even use any face powder to matte it out. Just the intense moisturising cream, lip balm and Kajal and am good to go. 

Now coming to the Kumkumadi miraculous beauty serum, it is Kama Ayurveda’s one of the best selling products. 

Buy here

Price – Rs. 2295 for 15 ml (super expensive)

Kama Ayurveda's

What it consists of – This unique blend of oils and herbs is formulated to help skin look young and healthy. In Ayurveda, rare pure Saffron helps illuminate the complexion. Extracts of Indian Madder and Banyan tree help smooth fine lines and repair early signs of ageing. Sandalwood, Vetiver and Lotus have a cooling and cleansing effect while clearing blemishes. Liquorice, an antiseptic, protects against bacterial and fungal infections and also helps improve skin texture. An essential night beauty treatment.

What it claims – Brightens dull skin, Repairs pigmentation, Minimizes fine lines and signs of ageing, Relieves dark circles

How I feel – I love face oils and serums. I have used Forest Essentials Soundarya advanced serum and Sanctuary Spa’s Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil which apparently is claimed to be Roger Federer’s go to skin care oil. 

Facial oils help in fortifying the natural skin barrier and sometimes I even use coconut oil on my face as it provides excellent nourishment. Coming to the Kumkumadi oil, it is a thick oil that gets absorbed into the skin eventually if not immediately. 

Kama Ayurveda's

It comes with a dropper which ensures you there’s no wastage, just a drop is enough to cover the entire face. It has a distinctive fragrance which usually most of the ayurvedic products have. It is not a magic wand but eventually over a period of time with continuous usage it does clear out the skin and gives an even skin tone. 

It is a highly concentrated Ayurvedic oil so you need to be careful with the quantity, use it according to your skin type. 

Because of the saffron used in it, it has a tendency to give a slight yellowish tinge to the skin which is transferable. To avoid staining I apply it 2-3 hours before hitting the bed just so it gets absorbed thoroughly. The oil consistency is non-sticky and doesn’t leave my skin greasy. All I apply is the oil, I don’t need to top it up with any added moisturiser.

I keep the oil on my face overnight and it doesn’t clog my pores. I do wake up with a rested and nourished skin which looks clear with a natural glow. 

For people with sensitive skin, it is advisable to do a patch test before applying any of the above products in a higher concentration. Ayurvedic ingredients might not suit every skin type. 

Also, I always use my creams and serums over a damp skin, either immediately after washing my face while the skin is still moist or after I spritz some rose water. Applying all your skin care over a moist/damp skin will increase their absorption into the skin. Try this tip next time 🙂

And give Kama Ayurveda’s product a try and do let me know in the comments section how you feel about them.

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