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Handcrafted Comfortable Cotton Clothing Love

Through Rah Geer, I mostly share my travel experiences, but it’s also a platform for me to share my other interests. Apart from traveling (details here) to far off places and clicking at my hearts desires and amateur instincts, I have a deep rooted love for butter soft cotton. Everyone who knows me can clearly infer my love for comfortable cotton clothing, khadi, linen, handloom and handcrafted clothing. To put into words “Minimalist” and “Anti-fit” is my style. I can’t wear fitted clothes just because they look good. I love clothes that breathe and let me breathe too, sitting and working in body hugging clothing in my 9-5 corporate job is a nightmare for me. Even when the air conditioning in the office is ready to turn me into a “White Walker”, I still stick to my lovely breathing anti-fit cotton dresses and shirts.

My clothes reflect my mood. I don’t express myself in words, I do in how I dress up. I am an example of “enclothed cognition”. On my not so good days, I’ll probably just throw in a kurta over loose pants and wrap my hair in a messy bun. Sorted. And, on my other predominant good days, I plan out every outfit in my head. The Color, texture, structure, fall, the perfect hemline and the accessories that would accentuate the entire composition.

The fabric that owns my wardrobe is cotton, khadi, and linens. And, my latest discovery and obsession is Chidyaa. This is what they have to say about that unique name- 


The name means the house sparrow that we all grew up watching as kids and no longer see. It’s an attempt to go back and relive the lazy summer afternoons. Chidiyaa, is for the free-spirited, the one who finds clothing as a form of self-expression. She is a dreamer, a wanderlust, a woman who is bold and beautiful.

With such a liberating and relatable description of their work, who wouldn’t want to give it a try. I own two dresses from their lovely collection. The first time I ever wore stripes was from ‘Chidiyaa”. It’s a lovely cotton dress, again an anti-fit for me, since their smallest size is one size large for me. I wore a tan colored OBI belt just to accentuate the waistline for this one.

A lovely Comfortable Cotton Indigo stripes midi length dress

Comfortable cotton clothing

 I wore tan colored gladiators to match the tan OBI belt.

Comfortable cotton clothing

I stand 5 foot 6 inches, and, the hemline falls just below my knees. 

Comfortable cotton clothing

The second dress I own from Chidiya is one of my favorite dress. I absolutely love the feel of the super cotton and the amazing comfort the fabric gives. 

Comfortable cotton clothing

I can’t get over the color white. 

Comfortable cotton clothing

Do check out this homegrown Indian brand. 

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Prashanti Rao
Prashanti Rao

Beautiful!!! ‘Minimalist’ and ‘Anti-fit’ is flavor of the season! I look forward to your post on Khadi, if at all you are planning to post one. Until then….cotton it is!!

Hema Devgan
Hema Devgan

Is chidiyaa’s any store in Dehradun????


Miss the cotton wear! This sounds neat.